Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Wanna Be Somebody!

Just about one year ago I completed my first novel, a charming, sentimental, historical picture of the 1920's and 30's in rural Wisconsin.  It's a heartwarming fast read, and all my family and friends, including Writers 1,3 and 4 love it.  Period! 

Dozens of query letters, partial submissions and a few fulls later, it remains a heartwarming read that refuses to break the publishing barrier.  I realize this isn't unusual, in fact one almost expects to experience the hazing-like ridicule and rejection of a writer's first born.  What one doesn't anticipate is the self doubt that creeps into one's psyche throughout this process.  Add to this the numerous times well-intentioned acquaintances inquire about potential publication dates for this debut.

"Heard Snooki just published a book!  When can we expect yours?"

"Gotta pick up Ellen's book...Luv her!  Is yours coming out soon too?"

"You're kidding! Geez, (insert numerous names, ie: Tina Fey, Russell Brand, Rob Lowe, Chelsea Handler, Paris Hilton...) have gotten their books published.  What's the deal with yours?"

Where to begin, huh? Truth be told, they're where the money is, and publishing is a business after all.  In a slight revision of On The Waterfront's Terry Malloy's words, I shout "I Wanna Be a Contender!  I Wanna Be Somebody!"

In the meantime, I'm writing a really awesome 70's novel.  You'll love it!

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